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Make creative documentaries at the University of Edinburgh!

Two new postgraduate degrees have just been launched at the University of Edinburgh. read more »

Screening of Siddiq Barmak's Opium War at the Filmhouse

On the 27th July Afghan filmmaker Siddiq Barmak will be visiting the Filmhouse to present, in person, his latest film Opium War. read more »

Scottish Delegation to Sheffield Doc/Fest

You are a Scottish filmmaker, producer or you are active in the factual filmmaking industry... read more »

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    Docscene - Watch Documentaries Online

    Welcome to our website, designed to inspire you to learn about making documentaries, to meet fellow filmmakers and get into the docscene. We've just released some of our Bridging the Gap films online, just log on to the site and watch here. Further films and highlights of our masterclasses to follow soon.

    Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, SDI runs masterclasses, screenings and training initiatives, such as Bridging the Gap and Interdoc. We also make films.

    Creating Music In Film

    Music and sounds set the tone for the entire film. Without the right music, the heartfelt message will be undelivered. Thanks to Music To Your Home, you can learn how to effectively use the piano with a new class of lessons in NYC for anyone looking to take their music skills to the next level.

    With specialty sound creation and more, you'll understand the concept of how music affects mood and can change the entire dynamic of a single scene.

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