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Bridging the Gap Season 2

Watch film: The Rest is Silence
Directed By: Andrew Henderson
Duration: 10 minutes
3/5 stars (57 votes)

The Rest is Silence follows the course of an unclaimed body through its progress from discovery to burial. It focuses not on the body, but on those who guide it through the processes and rituals preceding its interment. The characters of these people are explored visually, without commentary.

Watch film: Multi Story
Directed By: Gregor Marks
Duration: 10 minutes 10 seconds
2.9/5 stars (127 votes)

On the edge of Dundee a 17-story tower block awaits demolition, the last of its kind on the once sprawling Ardler housing estate. Its residents are either gone or going. We undertake a journey, moving steadily upwards, exploring the space, drifting through deserted corridors and rooms. The memories of former residents accompany the voyage.

Watch film: I Felt Nothing
Directed By: Vicky Mohieddeen
Duration: 7 minutes
3.4/5 stars (121 votes)

A short documentary exploring the first sexual experiences of young women. Relying on personal accounts intimately described accompanied by simple yet evocative images of empty beds, the film offers an insight into the choices that women make regarding losing their virginity.

Watch film: Fine
Directed By: Hazel Baillie
Duration: 8 minutes 10 seconds
3.3/5 stars (31 votes)

An exploration into the power of expression through words, music and gesture. This uplifting short documents the inspiring journey of Alwyn, a professional Blues musician who following a stroke, lost the ability to communicate verbally, and with it the passion and motivation to continue playing music.

Watch film: A Difficult Case
Directed By: Alice Nelson
Duration: 10 minutes
2.9/5 stars (71 votes)

In 1984, Mrs A heard voices in her head.  They said "don't be afraid".  They said she wasn't crazy ...and they informed her she had a brain tumour.

The remarkable story of a woman who owes her life to unseen angels and an eminent  psychologist  who was prepared to believe.