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Bridging the Gap Season 3

Watch film: Virgin Tears
Directed By: Aimara Reques
Duration: 15 minutes 36 seconds (60 sec clip)
2.7/5 stars (32 votes)

In Caracas, they said, a statue of the Virgin Mary weeps tears of blood. I set off with my camera to investigate.By the time my film was almost finished, I found myself in front of another camera, weeping black tears, my face covered in soot and smoke.This film made me realise I’ve got more in common with the Virgin Mary than I ever imaged.

Watch film: The Big Lie
Directed By: Peter Everett
Duration: 13 minutes
3/5 stars (70 votes)

Between 1936 and 1939 several hundred Scottish men and women went to fight as volunteers on the side of the Spanish Republic against the fascist regimes then spreading throughout Europe. Interviewing one of the last surviving members of the Scottish International Brigades, this short documentary explores the legacy of this movement and their fight against fascism.

Watch film: Mentiras
Directed By: Nick Higgins
Duration: 13 minutes
3/5 stars (54 votes)

Mentiras is a visually stunning but profoundly unsettling journey through the world’s largest city. Based on one mans' confession to human rights crimes committed with the backing of the Mexican government - it is the story of a troubled conscience and the rupturing of official lies.

Watch film: The Truth About Tooth
Directed By: Hazel Baillie
Duration: 10 minutes
3/5 stars (73 votes)

This short documentary offers a true insight into the intriguing, meticulous work of the Tooth Fairy. In a mixture of live action and animation we follow the journey of a child’s milk tooth through the course of one night. From the imaginations of young children to the mundane, grimy reality of the Tooth Fairy Factory, we are reminded that an element of magic is a special thing that should be preserved to help escape from the tedium of daily life. Preserved, even at the expense of lying to our children and ourselves.

Watch film: Rückenlage / Upside Down
Directed By: Astrid Bussink
Duration: 9 minutes
3.4/5 stars (47 votes)

Rückenlage / Upside Down is a visual journey through Scotland’s skies and the mind of Rudolf Hess, who flew to Scotland in 1941 to ‘negotiate peace’ with Britain. Narrated from excerpts of letters to his family, written in prison where he spent the rest of his life.

Watch film: Last in the Line
Directed By: Dylan Drummond & Blair Scott
Duration: 13 minutes
3.5/5 stars (61 votes)

At seventy, ballad singer Sheila Stewart is the last in the line of the Stewarts of Blair, a long lineage of traditional travellers and storytellers. Her mission is to ensure that her culture does not die with her. But it’s not an easy battle, as she is ignored on her own doorstep. The film is a moving portrait about an outsider.