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Bridging the Gap Season 4

Watch film: The Unbearable Whiteness of Being
Directed By: Faisal Aziz
Duration: 10 minutes
2.6/5 stars (11 votes)

Unbearable Whiteness of Being: An eye-opening glimpse into the world of Asian skin lightening. Many people of colour, worldwide, lighten their skins for many different reasons.  This observational documentary follows a small ambitious skin lightening company who are hoping to hit the big time.

Watch film: My Mother's Daughter
Directed By: Saleyha Ahsan
Duration: 12 minutes
2.6/5 stars (14 votes)

In My Mother’s Daughter we get a unique insight into the new direction a mother/daughter relationship has taken. Joyce, Yvonne Ridley’s mother, a devout Christian relays this account of when her daughter, a journalist came back from  Afghanistan after being detained by the Taliban converted to Islam.

Watch film: Butterfly
Directed By: Yulia Mahr
Duration: 12 minutes
4.1/5 stars (22 votes)

This rare and intimate portrait explores a young woman’s perspective about living with albinism - a condition which has often made her an outsider - but equally determined to lead a normal life. “I’ll never be able to drive a car, but that’s about it,” she says as she climbs the highest indoor climbing arena in Europe.

Watch film: Ottica Zero
Directed By: Maja Borg
Duration: 13 minutes
4.1/5 stars (27 votes)

Soon after her ‘big break’, Italian actress Nadya Cazan disappeared. Ottica Zero follows Nadya from her rejection of the monetary-based system to find an alternative way of living. It is a journey which takes us from Rome to Venus, where social innovator and futurist, Jacques Fresco, proposes a solution.

Watch film: How to Save a Fish from Drowning
Directed By: Kelly Neal
Duration: 13 minutes
4/5 stars (25 votes)

How To Save a Fish From Drowning is about the death of white rural America told through the voices of three old men fishing on a frozen lake. In a landscape cloaked in snow and hovering in a bright nothingness, they escape their wives, chew the fat about neighbours in their town as they wait…

Watch film: Breadmakers
Directed By: Yasmin Fedda
Duration: 10 minutes
3.4/5 stars (15 votes)

Breadmakers: Against the backdrop of a busy day in the Garvald bakery in Edinburgh, a supportive community for people with various learning disabilities, workers interact using individual expressions, repetitive speech, and sign language, revealing intricate social relationships with each other