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Bridging the Gap Season 5

Watch film: Karelian Cowgirls
Directed By: Minttu Mantynen
Duration: 10mins 20secs (60 sec clip)
3.3/5 stars (40 votes)

At the start of the Winter War, three teenage girls left their families to drive cattle through hostile lands. Lifetime later they look back on their adventures. [1 Min Preview Clip]

Watch film: Irene
Directed By: Lindsay Goodall
Duration: 10mins 18secs (60 sec clip)
3.2/5 stars (51 votes)

Irene is an engaging personal story about the filmmaker's 92 year old grandmother and the daughter who cares for her. While suffering from Alzheimer's and decreasing physical ability, Irene's feisty personality still shines through, often leading to laughter, tension and heartache. [1 Min Preview Clip]

Watch film: Christmas With Dad
Directed By: Conor McCormack
Duration: 11mins 43secs (60 sec clip)
3.3/5 stars (32 votes)

"Christmas with Dad" follows 22-year-old AJ as he and his family prepare for the festive season and the arrival of an eighth child. With remarkable access and insight the film reveals a young man struggling to define his role as a father, haunted by his own childhood and facing an uncertain future... [1 Min Preview Clip]

Watch film: Half Way Home
Directed By: Paul Gray
Duration: 10mins 55secs (60 sec clip)
3/5 stars (36 votes)

Melanie, 34, knows she will die within 10 years due to autoimmune disease. Longing for her own space she searches for somewhere to call home. [1 Min Preview Clip]

Watch film: Corpsicles
Directed By: Rowena Cohen
Duration: 8mins 49secs (60 sec clip)
2.8/5 stars (32 votes)

This film is about the weird and wacky world of cryonics and about Alan who aspires to be a human popsicle…literally.

Watch film: Calling Home
Duration: 12mins 11secs (60 sec clip)
3/5 stars (48 votes)

For most Londoners, home is here but also somewhere at the other end of a phone line. Calling Home is a gripping portrait of long distance relationships. [1 Min Preview Clip]

Watch film: Steel Homes
Directed By: Eva Weber
Duration: 9 mins 50 secs (60 sec clip)
3.2/5 stars (56 votes)

Self-storage units are windows into human histories: the silent cells with their myriad objects and dust-covered furniture are inscribed with past dreams, secret hopes, and lives we cannot let go of. STEEL HOMES explores the fragmented nature of memories, set in the starkly beautiful aesthetic of our modern industrial world. For further information please visit the Steel Homes website,  [1 Min Preview Clip]