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About Bridging the Gap

Since 2003 Bridging the Gap is the only documentary new talent initiative for cinema in the UK offering training linked to production.

It is funded by Scottish Screen National Lottery fund, Skillset Film Skills Fund and supported by Edinburgh College of Art and is open to all UK-based filmmakers. Since 2008 BBC Scotland & Highlands & Islands Enterprise are also supporters of Bridging the Gap.

We have an annual themed call for entries from which we select 12 project ideas for a development period in which filmmakers attend a series of training workshops and masterclasses based in Edinburgh. 7 ten-minute documentaries are then commissioned at a pitching session with a budget of 16K (8K cash, 8K in kind), intended for distribution in cinemas and international festivals.

Bridging the Gap 1: Journeys  (2003/04)
Bridging the Gap 2: Silence  (2004/05)
Bridging the Gap 3: Lies  (2005/06)
Bridging the Gap 4: White  (2006/07)
Bridging the Gap 5: Home  (2007/08)
Bridging the Gap 6: Future (2008/09)

Our latest films on the theme of home screened at Edinburgh International Film Festival in June 2008 and numerous shorts have so far screened across the world including Amsterdam, Sundance, Tribeca, LA FF and many others. We are distributing all films to festivals worldwide. Please contact us if you'd like a preview screener.

For details of our public documentary masterclasses please visit here.

We are going to launch Bridging the Gap 7 in October and the application deadline will be 1 December 2009. Our theme this year is Surprise.