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Duration: 8 minutes 10 seconds Made in: Scotland 2005


An exploration into the power of expression through words, music and gesture. This uplifting short documents the inspiring journey of Alwyn, a professional Blues musician who following a stroke, lost the ability to communicate verbally, and with it the passion and motivation to continue playing music.

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3.1/5 stars (59 votes)

Film Credits:

Director: Hazel Baillie
Producer: Micky Macpherson of Plum Films
Executive Producer: Noe Mendelle
Editor: Marianne Kuopanportii
Camera: Ewan McNicol
Music: Alwyn James
Sound Design: Marcelo de Oliveira
Sound Recordist: Marcelo de Oliveira

Shooting Format: DV-Cam,
Screening Formats: Digi-Beta DV-Cam


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