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Last in the Line

Duration: 13 minutes Made in: Scotland 2006


At seventy, ballad singer Sheila Stewart is the last in the line of the Stewarts of Blair, a long lineage of traditional travellers and storytellers. Her mission is to ensure that her culture does not die with her. But it’s not an easy battle, as she is ignored on her own doorstep. The film is a moving portrait about an outsider.

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3.3/5 stars (80 votes)

Film Credits:

Director: Dylan Drummond & Blair Scott
Producer: Dylan Drummond & Blair Scott
Executive Producer: Noe Mendelle
Editor: Dylan Drummond & Blair Scott
Camera: Dylan Drummond & Blair Scott
Music: Songs performed by Sheila Stewart
Sound Recordist: Pol Wright & Mark Holden

Shooting Format: mini-DV
Screening Formats: Digi-Beta DV-Cam DVD (Pal) Mini DV


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