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Tehran Backyard

Duration: 29 minutes Made in: Scotland 2007


Pari is a sixty five year old woman who lives on the outskirts of Tehran. Each day she travels over six hours into the sprawling city to work as a cleaning lady for the middle class ladies of north Tehran. Her husband is blind, she has five children and two grandchildren and she is still the main breadwinner. We travel behind the scenes to witness the extraordinary life of Pari, a strong woman who has carried her family through many adversities.

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3/5 stars (93 votes)

Film Credits:

Director: Roxanna Pope
Producer: Noe Mendelle
Executive Producer: Scottish Documentary Institute
Editor: Ian Dodds
Camera: Ian Dodds
Sound Design: Peter Vilk
Dubbing Mix: John Cobban

Shooting Format:
Screening Formats: Digi-Beta DV-Cam DVD (Pal)


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