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The Truth About Tooth

Duration: 10 minutes Made in: Scotland 2006


This short documentary offers a true insight into the intriguing, meticulous work of the Tooth Fairy. In a mixture of live action and animation we follow the journey of a child’s milk tooth through the course of one night. From the imaginations of young children to the mundane, grimy reality of the Tooth Fairy Factory, we are reminded that an element of magic is a special thing that should be preserved to help escape from the tedium of daily life. Preserved, even at the expense of lying to our children and ourselves.

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2.8/5 stars (88 votes)

Film Credits:

Director: Hazel Baillie
Producer: Noe Mendelle
Executive Producer: Sonja Henrici
Editor: Hazel Baillie
Camera: Ian Dodds
Sound Design: Matt Hulse
Sound Recordist: Marcelo de Oliveira

Shooting Format:
Screening Formats: Digi-Beta DV-Cam DVD (Pal)


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