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Virgin Tears

Duration: 15 minutes 36 seconds (60 sec clip) Made in: Scotland 2006


In Caracas, they said, a statue of the Virgin Mary weeps tears of blood. I set off with my camera to investigate.By the time my film was almost finished, I found myself in front of another camera, weeping black tears, my face covered in soot and smoke.This film made me realise I’ve got more in common with the Virgin Mary than I ever imaged.

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2.6/5 stars (26 votes)

Film Credits:

Director: Aimara Reques
Producer: Aimara Reques
Executive Producer: Noe Mendelle
Editor: Colin Monie
Camera: Frank Smith

Shooting Format: DV-Cam,
Screening Formats: Digi-Beta DV-Cam


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